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Looking for some advanced baseball or softball instruction? Look no further our elite training center can help you take your skills to the next level.

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The Springback Tee has rapidly become America’s favorite and most preferred batting tee. Due to the combination of the weighted base and spring coil action and our custom made untearable rubber top brings forth some very new and cool benefits in our baseball practice batting tee.



Eli’s Sport Solutions was created to offer baseball and softball players of all levels a solution to massively elevate their normal and prime time game skills. We believe hard work, repetition and the correct training tools combined with very experienced and advanced instruction paves the way to greatness. We will continue to make new innovative training tools that will transform average into above average and make better into best.

Introducing our New Lead Arm And Back Arm through swing trainers!!


The Lead Arm and Back Arm through swing trainers are a new and revolutionary method and style of training forward/circular arm swinging motion to and through the ball. We have ergonomically manufactured these two baseball/softball swing training devices through time, studies, reason and cause.

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